Ford Fiesta 2017, tested: a more round product, better in what was to improve

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Agustus 01, 2017
 Four decades after the launch of the original Ford Fiesta, Ford's small utility already has more than 18 million units sold, one of the most successful models in the world. In fact, the Ford factory in Cologne, Germany, leaves a Fiesta every 68 seconds. Now comes the new generation of the Ford Fiesta, which will be in dealerships at the end of July.

The Ford Fiesta 2017 is logically the best Fiesta to date, and there are plenty of reasons to continue to be a commercial success (12,464 units in Spain in 2016). We have already tried it, in Spain in addition, to tell you in what improvement and how it behaves on the road.

What is clear is that the Fiesta has made a significant leap in positioning, with a more luxurious offer than ever before, thanks in part to the Vignale finish that already offers the house in other models of upper segments. Thus, the role of small, basic, affordable urban utility is in the hands of the Ford Ka +. And it is that the segment B does not stop to grow in all Europe, but the customer wants every time better finishes and a more pleasant atmosphere and of quality.

As far as design is concerned, the most important changes are in the rear, since in the front lines are very similar to the Fiesta of fifth generation and only the new headlights and the new grills (three, depending on the finish) clearly differentiate the new. At the back there is a major evolution, with a new look and pilots of interesting shapes.

The Fiesta is now a little bigger (what a surprise!) With 7.1 centimeters of extra length and 1.2 centimeters more width. It also gains 30 millimeters in the front tracks and 10 in the rear, with a gain of only 4 millimeters in the wheelbase. Thus, it is not much wider in the interior, but it maintains that behavior that made it special among the utilitarians.

Equal of good, but improving the better
The Achilles' heel of the previous model was precisely its interior, with an old design, overloaded with buttons and with a very thin screen. All this changes for the better in the new generation, with a cleaner and more attractive overall appearance, a less intrusive console, far fewer controls and a more generous floating screen. In addition, there are now more customization options.

The upper part of the dashboard is finished in a rubbery plastic that also looks good, although it is true that in the doors, for example, there are hard plastic moldings that are not so pleasant. It is noteworthy that the gear knob has a metallic area in the ST-Line finish and is made of plastic in the Vignale, the most luxurious finish.

The seats, both those of the normal versions like the sporty ST Line or the more careful Vignale of leather, they are comfortable and have a great aspect. The rear seats are still not too wide, but at least the head and legroom is correct, being of course the much more comfortable access in the five-door version, which will undoubtedly be the best seller in our market . The boot, by the way, has a volume of between 292 and 1,093 liters in all versions.

Another important aspect in the current time is the technology available, and the small Ford is not far behind. With two cameras, three radars and twelve ultrasonic sensors, the model can include pre-collision assistant with detection of pedestrians, parking attendant 'Active Park Assist', recognition of traffic signals, automatic long lights, cross traffic alert, cruise control Adaptive, lane maintenance alert, frontal collision warning, driver fatigue alert, blind spot assistant or speed limiter, for example.

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