Goodies for TT and R8 Audi launches Audi Sport Performance Parts range

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Agustus 03, 2017
Stephan Winkelmann has for some years been the Director of Audi Sport GmbH, and it seems that the former CEO of Lamborghini is giving an important return to the strategy of the sports car division of the brand.

One of the innovations that comes from the hand of Winkelmann, is the launch of the market starting next summer of the range of accessories Audi Performance Parts, which allows to improve the performance of some of their vehicles.
As BMW did with the M Performance Parts, Audi initially proposed a range of accessories for the Audi TT in all its versions (TT, TTS and TT RS) as well as for the R8 supercar. Later the range of accessories will be extended to other models.

Aesthetics and benefits

The Audi Performance Parts range covers four basic aspects of the vehicle: suspension, exhaust system, exterior and interior. At the body level the most striking are the Aero kits, which in both TT and R8 offer new front air intakes, redesigned side skirts and a specific diffuser.
In the case of the Audi R8, the Aero kit allows you to improve the aerodynamic load, which reaches 250 kg at a speed of 330 km / h, which is 100 kilos less than in the kit that comes standard in the car .

At more normal speeds the improvement is also remarkable, since at 150 km / h the aerodynamic load is 52 kg, twice as much as in the standard model.
In the case of the Audi TT, the change comes because the hood incorporates large cooling inlets. All these elements for the R8 are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic while in the TT they also carry some plastic elements.

What is common in all of them, is the Audi Sport logo, as they want to start building the brand image of Audi sports cars.

Weight saving
The range of accessories Audi Performance Parts also includes other elements that allow to optimize the weight of the vehicles. We speak for example of the bracket pads of the R8 brake pads made of ultra-light titanium that are identified because they are painted in fluorescent red, and allow to save a kilo of weight with respect to the series.

For TT RS brakes, steel-specific brake discs are available, and for the entire TT range a kit is available to improve the cooling of the brake systems.
In the suspensions section, both the Audi TT and the Audi R8 offer a coilover type with two or three tracks. The perfect icing on this cake is found in 20-inch wheels for both models, machined through a milling process that save 7.2 pounds in the TT and 8 kilos in the R8.

Speed ​​and sound

For the TT also offers a reinforcement bar between the turrets of the suspension of the rear axle and in the case of TT RS, you can buy a kit that eliminates the maximum speed limitation at 250 km / h.
Finally, and as it could not be otherwise, also offer escape kits signed by Akrapovic, in both cases made of titanium and, in addition to improving the sound, also save considerable weight to the sets.

All this range of accessories will be on sale later this summer, and for the time being Audi has not released the price range, but judging by the cars they initially target and the quality of the finishes, no Will be precisely cheap and do not claim to be cheap. They just want to be one more complement to set the car to the taste of each customer.

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