Honda CR-Z Special Edition

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Agustus 02, 2017
In Spain it has not been commercialized for some time, but we were able to enjoy this small coupé 2 + 2 hybrid with manual transmission, a car maybe a bit of power but with a very entertaining driving. I think it's the funniest hybrid I've ever tried, apart from those who carry a huge combustion engine and a little electric help.

This model is still selling in Japan and now the Japanese brand launches a limited edition with the name of Final Label Edition ... It does not sound very good for the Honda CR-Z right? Everything points out that it is the last tail of this model, at least as we know it today.
Unique 17-inch bicolor wheels and specific colors for this limited series that include two-tone decorations for even more exclusivity. Inside a lot of black, anagrams on the backs of the seats and a badge.

With a 130 hp petrol-electric hybrid engine and 190 Nm of torque, the CR-Z is not a high-performance sports car, but it accelerates from a standstill with great ease at low speeds and is a lot of fun. This is thanks in part to the manual gearbox, yes, yes, it is a hybrid with manual gearbox, although as option there is a boring CVT available.

Will it be the last Honda CR-Z or only the last of this generation?

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