Honda invests 124 million dollars in a new wind tunnel

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Agustus 02, 2017
At the end of this summer, construction of the new wind tunnel of the Japanese manufacturer Honda will begin, which will not be in Japan but in the United States, specifically at its research center in East Liberty, Ohio. This project, which will facilitate the set-up of the race cars and production of the manufacturer, is an investment of 124 million dollars.

This new wind tunnel will allow Honda to fine-tune the aerodynamics of its models to "cut" the air in the most efficient way. According to the brand, the Ohio facility will be able to generate winds up to 309 km / h and will have all the necessary equipment (cameras, microphones, etc ...) to monitor and optimize the performance of cars.

According to Honda, the tunnel will have five roller stands for street car testing and one for competition models and the most performing street supercar. In addition, there will be up to four private ships for customers of which Honda is technology provider, so that they can evaluate their products.

The Transportation Research Center of East Liberty, Ohio, is Honda's largest development center in the United States, and is part of the brand hub in that state (up to 13 companies), where the manufacturer also has other Two production plants, including Marysville, where the 2017 Acura NSX is produced. Since 1982, Honda has manufactured 17 million cars in the state of Ohio.

"It will be fundamental to our research and development in terms of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics," says Frank Paluch, Honda Americas R & D president, regarding the new tunnel.

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