In 2025 you will stop driving the Honda: your cars will have autonomous driving level 4

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Agustus 02, 2017
Autonomous driving is one of the biggest technical aspirations to which manufacturers more or less want to join. If we remember the five levels in which this technology is divided we find that currently no vehicle passes the third. For example, the Tesla Autopilot, one of the most advanced systems, is halfway between levels 2 and 3 with an eagerness to reach level 3 after the last update.

Being the level 5 the total capacity of a vehicle to conduct itself without any supervision of a human, the next step has been Honda, stating that in 2025 their vehicles will be equipped with level 4 autonomous driving, standing on the edge of the Automation.

Honda's autonomous driving as a response to accidents

It was nothing less than Takahiro Hachigo, president and CEO of Honda, who in a statement to Auto Express firmly stated that "we will achieve the technological level to implement autonomous driving level 4 in our cars in 2025."

This lapidary phrase complements the intention of the Japanese factory to apply the level 3 of autonomous driving for freeways in its cars of 2020. Changes of lane, stops and starts in jams or to take detours will be some of the profits when in little more than two Years Honda installs both the necessary software and hardware.
At the moment the most that has the Japanese manufacturer are some prototypes of Accord and Legacy in its R & D facilities in Tochigi (Japan). Equipped with two main cameras, 10 additional sensors and a LiDaR are acting as mule testers before transferring the technology to production models.

At the same time, all the information collected by these prototypes is configuring an artificial intelligence of its own that will lay the foundations of the future level 4 of autonomous driving. Through intelligent algorithms the software will be able to predict concrete situations against which it will have to face, applying the correct answers learned in similar situations before.
Level 4 will allow the car to be able to control the steering, accelerator and brakes without requiring the performance of the driver, although it will do so under its continuous supervision and for a limited time during which it is able to control the traffic conditions and choose the route Optimal. That "do you like to drive?" Will be erased from the collective imagination as we advance in this technology.

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