The BMW i3 is launched into the water, transplanting its batteries in the boat Torqeedo Deep Blue

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Agustus 01, 2017
As electricity is the future, little by little we are getting used to seeing different applications of electrical energy. This coupled with the more or less usual interactions between the world of automotive and nautical (like the ever spectacular between Cigarette and Mercedes-AMG) result in this spectacular zero emission boat born of the collaboration between BMW and Torqeedo.

Torqeedo is a prestigious German boat-making brand, more specifically electric boats, which has reached an agreement with BMW. Now and as a result of this alliance, the brand expands its offer using the battery packs of the BMW i3 and launches it with a new model of boat: Torqeedo Deep Blue.

Torqeedo Deep Blue, an outboard soul with i3
Thanks to BMW production, efficient lithium-ion cell packages will become part of the original Deep Blue equipment, using the plug-and-play capability with which these batteries were designed. Torqeedo just needs to mount the batteries in the back of the boat, make the relevant connections and go sailing.
The diversification of this type of technology leads to an accelerated advance of these solutions, contributing to the development and acceptance of electric energy as a viable alternative. Christoph Ballin (CEO of Torqeedo) stated that "BMW i high-voltage batteries deliver fantastic performance for commercial nautical applications."
The engines are offered in two power levels available with a choice of between 40 hp and 80 hp with two different throttle controls for each.

With a capacity of 30.5 kWh of useful energy, a reliably contained weight of 256 kg and a voltage of 360 V, Torqeedo ensures that even using their boats daily the i3 batteries will maintain 80% of their original capacity after 9 years Since the delivery of the product. Of course, if you have to replace it the cost of a new package according to its website is 29,397 euros.

For BMW, however, the vision is much more choral, pointing out that this is only one of the multiple possible applications of their batteries such as the power supply of homes in cases of power outages or as electricity accumulators from renewable energy.
Welcome to the future, of the boats.

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