2017 Frankfurt has left us these 10 hybrid and electric cars that will change the world

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 19, 2017

From all we have seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show we can draw some conclusions. The clearest of all is that there is a clear course towards a future full of environmentally friendly cars, though each in its own way.

From realistic and well-founded proposals that will soon arrive until a super-sport inspired by Formula 1, passing through some very interesting visions of the future. From each of these 10 models we can draw a lesson and within a few years we will see what part of reason each of them had in 2017.

2017 Franfurt Motor Show Audi Elaine Concept

Of the two prototypes that Audi took to Frankfurt, the closest to being real is the Audi Elaine concept. Beyond the technology that could incorporate, this concept car teaches us the possible way to follow the designs of the house of the four rings in the future.

Leaving aside its intrinsic prototype characteristics, Elaine shows us how Audi thinks of a future where most of the cars will be SUV type and its hallmark will be a front grille of panoramic dimensions. At the end of the day, driving is going to be losing little by little as the cars advance in the world of autonomous driving.

Under the hood of the Audi Elaine hides what according to the own brand will be the engines used in the next tram of the brand and that gives continuity to the premiere in the e-tron Sportback, with a battery of 95 kWh associated with a motor capable of generating between 435 and 503 hp for an autonomy of more than 500 km according to NDEC cycle.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Audi Aicon

If Elaine was Audi's near future, Aicon is the farthest horizon. Relying on the fundamentals of connectivity and autonomous driving ability, the Audi Aicon goes one step further and looks at what life on the road will look like in two or three decades. Something very different from what we know today.

The Aicon is an interesting reflection on a scenario in which autonomous cars with level 5 of autonomous driving will favor a world without traffic accidents. So much so that cars, if they resemble this prototype, will dispense with steering wheel, pedals and even safety belts inside a passenger cabin focused on the relaxation of its occupants.

Logically, for this scenario to be viable, infrastructure must be improved accordingly, forcing public bodies to become actively involved in change, working together with manufacturers to develop cities in the direction of a driving in which the human being will have already very little to say.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Honda CR-V Hybrid

In dealing with shorter-term issues, the Honda CR-V Hybrid is a turning point in the huge Japanese factory. Sharing the accumulated know-how thanks to the Civic Hybrid, Hybrid Jazz, Accord Hybrid and, why not, Honda NSX, Honda is finally launching a hybrid-powered SUV. It was time for Honda to get into the car of one of the most profitable niches on the market.

This SUV attaches to the 2.0-liter petrol engine an electric motor (without further details) through the i-MMD system, or Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive, which transmits the force generated by the two to the wheels using three driving modes: EV Drive (electric only), Hybrid Drive (combined) and Engine Drive (combustion only).

The CR-V Hybrid will arrive in 2018 and will be accompanied by only a 1.5-liter V-TEC gasoline engine, with a six-speed manual transmission or CVT, completely banishing the diesel options from the catalog.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Honda Urban EV Concept

One of the most pleasant surprises that we have had at the Frankfurt Motor Show was the Honda Urban EV Concept. This is a very promising little electric car that sets its horizon in 2019, as Honda Motor Co. President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo said his production version will arrive in 2019.

With compact but robust proportions and an aesthetic that evokes the first Honda Civic of 1972, the Urban EV Concept is the reflection of a job well done through viable proposals that can change the four-wheel market with consistency and a careful design .

The Japanese factory has not released a pledge on what type of 100% electric motorization hides in its guts, so leaving aside the retro-futuristic interior and exterior details to attract attention, it is most likely that much of the overall design of the Urban EV Concept is transferred to the car of street. A superb compendium of traditional design essentials, a retro touch and respect for the environment.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell

Hydrogen propulsion always has doubts. It is an extremely clean process of obtaining electricity but at the same time its high cost of production presents a tremendous challenge for its staging. Yet Mercedes-Benz continues to rely on the H2 to launch a car that is as unique as the solutions it represents.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell presented in Frankfurt is a pre-series model, but will hit the market with a double-electric bet by combining in the same car a hydrogen engine with 437 km of autonomy thanks to two deposits totaling 4 , 4 kg and the electric propulsion plug-in with a battery of 13.8 kWh and 49 km of autonomy in pure electric mode.

The engine that feed these two sources of energy reaches a good 200 hp of power and 350 Nm of torque to move to a SUV of considerable size on which no weight figures have been dropped. Surely it will not be cheap either, but that is not its purpose and it is to try to extend this technology to an ever wider audience.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Step by step, smooth soft, the Mercedes-Benz EQ family continues its journey to become a reality sooner rather than later. Divided into a branch under the umbrella of Daimler, the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA is emerging as an imminent compact electric production entirely.

With a futuristic and differentiated aesthetic of Mercedes-Benz combustion (or hybrids), the EQA encloses an electric motorization with a motor in each axis that establishes the bases of the models of zero emissions that are to arrive at the house of the star . Its guarantees are conclusive with a total power of 272 hp and a torque higher than 500 Nm for an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 5 seconds.

It will be electric, but it will also be emotional with modes of driving Sport and Sport Plus to get you a smile without having to go through the gas station. By the time it's time to recharge, we'll have covered about 400 km, a correct autonomy, no frills and promises to be quite adjusted to reality.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show BMW i Vision Dynamics

Continuing in the field of viable proposals, the BMW i Vision Dynamics has been presented in Frankfurt as a car with great influence on the vehicle that picks up the witness when it comes to production. Actually all the ballots are named BMW i5, an intermediate point between the i3 and the i8 that the market has been demanding time.

In a four-seater saloon configuration with coupé airs, this BMW has a 100% electric motorization but the Germans have not provided us with just details. We only know that it will be a pure electric with lithium ion battery of high capacity and an autonomy of about 600 km.

Its objective is clearly to be direct competition of the Tesla Model S, and also will be for performances with a 0-100 km / h in 4 seconds and a top speed over 200 km / h. Where BMW wants to make a difference is with a level of luxury and sophistication far superior to the car of Elon Musk.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Toyota C-HR Hy-Power

The small Toyota C-HR Hy-Power may seem like a more youthful car with a somewhat tacky decor, but it has much more background behind it. This is the nth hybrid of the Japanese brand, a brand that since 1997 has accumulated experience in alternative propulsion systems.

It is possible that Toyota does not usually surprise with their designs or their performance (we crossed our fingers for the new Supra), but the fact is that it is one of the manufacturers more involved in changing things in the automotive industry. So now the small SUV C-HR will receive a new optimized engine that will offer more power than the 123 CV that generates now (have not specified the data).

It may have been an unnecessary upgrade, but it certainly reflects the constant work of completing an extensive range of hybrids, electric and hydrogen.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Renault Symbioz

As if it were an extension of the house, Renault has jointly presented with Symbioz a home. Both elements are interconnected to convert the car into a room within the house and that, in addition, will take us to other places independently and without producing emissions.

Yes, it is a very long-term project, but as we stop driving thanks to artificial intelligence, cars can become a branch of our domestic life and what better to reflect it with the projection of a home of 120 square meters of which the Symbioz Renault participates as one more stay.

Energy management smartly using car batteries as accumulators to supply the home and the home automation applied to the trips to make the most of the time we now 'waste' driving are the principles that the French firm proposes to us.

If instead we look for the most emotional part of the prototype we find a chiseled carved lines and a passenger compartment that although can be a living room, is also the one of a conventional car with steering wheel and pedals to handle a machine with electric 680 CV and 500 km of autonomy.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

Finally, the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. It is no way out of the pot to include it in this list and is that this ultra-car we have been talking about intensely for months has been presented in its final form in Frankfurt, is hybrid and will change the world of four wheels.

It will do it in its own way, a very beastly way with technology coming directly from Formula 1. It has a total of five engines that produce more than 1,000 CV of power: a V6 1.6 turbocharged that moves the rear wheels with 760 hp and four engines (two on the front axle, one on the turbo and one on the crankshaft).

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