2018 Mercedes Sprinter

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 26, 2017
2018 Mercedes Sprinter

The United States is the second most important commercial vehicle market for Mercedes-Benz, and taking advantage of the North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV) in Atlanta in a few days, have wanted to show the features of the new Mercedes Sprinter that will arrive in 2018 .

The big van of the brand of the star will adopt a new physiognomy, closer to that seen by passenger cars and other passenger vehicles that are giving so many joys. But there will be something more hidden inside that van.

The Mercedes Sprinter 2018 will not only be a refreshed and avant-garde exterior appearance, but will also feature the latest advances in connectivity and driving aids.

According to Mercedes without specifying data, the new Sprinter will mean a new milestone in the evolution of a company that has set itself the objective of moving from being a vehicle manufacturer to a provider of mobility solutions.

The new Sprinter will therefore be a vehicle that may provide extended mobility solutions, something necessary in the fleets of freight vehicles for the future.

It will arrive in the first half of 2018 and already speak of a autonomy never seen in its segment. For the moment, what we see in the drawing does not displease.

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