Aston Martin Valkyrie

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 25, 2017
Aston Martin Valkyrie

There are people in the world at which the price of their next vehicle do not concern them as much as exclusivity. Well, for them Aston Martin has unveiled all the details of his new Valkyrie. It is a car that will go on sale with a price of about two million euros, and of which only 150 units will be manufactured.

The Valkyrie is the latest model that has been announced for the exclusive club of hyper sports vehicles, and has been developed by the British brand in collaboration with the designer Adrian Newey and engineers Red Bull team. It is therefore a hybrid car with high competition instincts.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

The first thing that strikes you is its sporty appearance, with aerodynamics that derive directly from Formula One and an impeccable finish. It will have a monocoque chassis made entirely in carbon fiber to reduce drag and maximize maximum speed, as well as a lightweight battery pack signed by Rimac, achieving a weight of only 1,030 kg.

As for its interior, the car will have a power of around 1,145 hp, of which 1,000 hp will be in charge of its V12 6.5-liter atmospheric fast-turning engine. The rest of the power will be in charge of the electric motor that will assist the principal, let's not forget that this is a hybrid.

Aston Martin

It is also striking that the car has sacrificed the rearview mirrors, which are replaced by a rear camera system. The doors open up to try to enter a spectacular cabin that reminds us again that it is a model with soul of Formula One.

The two-seater interior highlights its totally minimalist finish in which they emphasize a central screen and a rectangular steering wheel with very sporty design and full of control buttons. Their seats look great, are anchored to the ground and have two configurations for seat belts: a harness with four points of series or six anchor points.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Interior

In fact it is a fully customizable car, in which you can choose the materials of the seats, the instrument panel, the roof or the cladding. You can also choose the finishes and reflectivity of the body panels, colors and wheel covers.

The car's design team has taken care of up to the position where you sit, which is a racing position in which your guys are above your hips. In fact, the customization is carried to the extreme that from the British mark ensure that the size of the passenger compartment will adapt to the measures of its buyer.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

The car is so exclusive that although you can afford to pay the two million euros that will cost you have many chances of running out of it, since as we have said will only produce 150 units. They will also manufacture an additional 25 additional non-certified circuit only, equipped with a more extreme aerodynamic package and even more lightweight.

According to the project managers, once you set up your car you will be given a scale model 1 to 18 with the colors you have chosen. And with this you will have to settle for a season, because it is expected that the first customized models of this car will not be delivered to their owners until 2019.

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