Audi A8 Security 498,042 euros for Mariano Rajoy

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 30, 2017
Audi A8 Security 498,042 euros for Mariano Rajoy

The President of the Government Mariano Rajoy will soon premiere a new presidential car. The one that used until now had been operating for 16 years, had traveled 272,000 kilometers and it was time to give it the relief.

The new vehicle of the State Mobile Park for which they have decanted is once again an Audi A8 Security, which replaces the previous Audi A8 L that had been using since the last period of the mandate of José María Aznar.

That Audi A8 L was also occupied by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero during his years in the government, and Mariano Rajoy has been using it for almost six years as an official car.

It is curious that the new car that they will acquire will be an Audi A8 of the generation that now ends. A new Audi A8 has already been introduced, we have touched it, but there are still no Security versions with the levels of shielding and passenger protection required by a car of the Spanish Prime Minister.

Audi A8 Security 498,042 euros for Mariano Rajoy

Thus, Mariano Rajoy's new car will soon be aesthetically and technologically obsolete, which does not detract from its more than fulfilling functions as a vehicle of representation.

Despite being a vehicle of a generation that ends, the price they have paid for it is 498,042 euros. It may seem an excessively high price, but the truth is that armored cars with category VR 9 ballistic protection, the strictest in civil safety for production cars, are very expensive.

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