Chevrolet Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Iconic Pickup Truck

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 29, 2017

A century ago, Chevrolet introduced its first production truck: the 1918 One-Ton, which would mark the way to the iconic utility design that has given the American brand over the years. On the occasion of the centenary, Chevrolet wanted to take a walk through the 10 most emblematic trucks in its history. To celebrate the 100 years has also released two special editions: Silverado and Colorado 2018 Centennial Edition. Since Chevrolet began producing its pick-ups, the General Motors brand has produced more than 85 million units of these vehicles.

It would be in June 1915 (four years after its founding) that Chevrolet would establish itself as a major player in the automotive industry, thanks to the introduction of the Chevrolet 490. Named numerically for its initial price, it would become a competitor of the acclaimed Ford Model T, which kept the same price for a short period of time. In 17 days, Chevrolet received 4,600 orders with cash deposits. From there, with the firm established, began to launch the most emblematic trucks, from 1918 from One Ton to the Silverado 1500, which has launched a special commemorative edition.

1918 One-Ton
Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
The One-Ton Van was the first Chevrolet to make. It was inspired by the vehicles used to transport parts inside the factories, and is one of the clearest examples of functional design, with an open cabin, a four-cylinder in-line engine, and a structure that users install a body according to their needs.

1929 International Series LD

1929 International Series LD Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
The Chevrolet truck of 1929 was the first with a closed cabin, which created the potential for what today we know as interior design. As with all designs, once the functional elements were defined, the comfort and style characteristics began to take on importance for the users, especially in the colors of the bodies.

1938 Half-Ton

1938 Half-Ton Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
This is the first van designed in the new Art and Color department, which was later named by Harley Earl and his team as the Design Center (Earl became General Motors' first design chief). During this year began the separation of the design of the cars and the vans, since the Design Center determined that the vans needed to have an own identity. Its proportions are an evolution from previous designs, resulting in a lower and longer van, with a stylized grille, and fenders extended and somewhat more elegant.

1947 3100 Series

1947 3100 Series Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
This is one of the most iconic designs in automotive history. If one mentions the words "retro Chevy truck", surely most will think about this model. This van was such an important starting point that advertisers started using the term "Advanced Design". It was bigger, sturdier and more stylized than ever before. Its five-bar horizontal grill broke with the vertical design grills of the past and was the beginning of what would become a design feature of the Chevrolet pickups. It can be seen that the mudguards are more integrated, and that the headlights are located in the widest part of the vehicle instead of towards the center, giving a wider and solid appearance. The end result is a very attractive design with excellent proportions.

1955 3124 Series Cameo Carrier

1955 3124 Series Cameo Carrier Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
Known as the Task Force truck, the Cameo Carrier is the first Chevy truck with Fleetside design. The sides of the cargo box are flat with respect to the cab, which translates into a more stylized design from the front to the rear. During this period, style was a selling point for automakers; was undoubtedly the heyday of vehicle design and ornamentation in the United States.

1967 C10 Fleetside

1967 C10 FleetsideChevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
The characteristic line that runs through the top of the cargo box contributes to visually balancing the front of the vehicle. In this period, metallic paints that emphasized the subtleties and lines of the body, which until then were not so obvious, began to be used.

1973 C30 One-Ton Dually

1973 C30 One-Ton Dually Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
This truck belonging to the third generation of the C / K model was the first with dual cabin dually landing on the market, and many consider it as the first modern Heavy Duty truck. Its design presents a dramatic increase in capacity for those customers who used their van for work or recreation. It is a simple, strong and very useful design, very similar to the first Chevrolet trucks.

1988 C / K1500

1988 C / K1500 Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
The C / K1500 was the first van with design influenced by aerodynamic principles. In this generation the design was pushed to new limits, being considered a van very advanced for its time. It can be seen in the interior design, with a lower instrument panel, encapsulated, and even with buttons that are very futuristic for the time.

1999 Silverado 1500 LT Z71

1999 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
This was the first generation of pickup trucks that bore the name Silverado. It was also the first to introduce the modern design elements that customers associate with the design of the current Chevy trucks, especially the front that is already characteristic of the Chevrolet brand.

2007 Silverado 1500
2007 Silverado 1500 Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary
The 2007 Silverado is simple, modern and powerful, with fenders with exaggeratedly sculpted edges and very clean body sides. This is another evolution of Chevrolet trucks that creates its own identity on the road with its distinctive fronts and backs.
Special Editions of Silverado and Colorado

Centennial Edition Silverado And Colorado

Chevrolet Trucks 100th Anniversary

Chevrolet has announced the launch of two special editions of the Silverado and Colorado 2018 Centennial Edition, painted by a special color called 'Blue Centennial' and emblems that include in its doors the 100 years of history of the Chevrolet trucks. Currently, no price confirmed.

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