Ford Mustang will arrive in Europe with more power in the V8

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 14, 2017
Ford Mustang

The Frankfurt Motor Show is the most important stage at the European level for brands to bring their innovations to the old continent. Ford has not been less and has been brought to Germany the definitive version with all the data confirmed for the mythical Ford Mustang that is renewed ahead of 2018.

With updated aesthetics, better standard equipment, more power in the V8 and less in the EcoBoost, the Mustang faces a Pony Wars more ignited than ever in which it will have to be measured against a Chevrolet Camaro that plays with its same cards : the new 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Mustang

Perhaps the most recognizable car in the world faces the new course ready to win its particular war between American sports. To achieve this, the oval signature introduces numerous changes also in the version destined for Europe (slightly different to the one marketed in the United States) in its two versions, both coupe and convertible.

As we told you a few months ago, the aesthetic changes focus on a sharper front with new optics, bumpers with more horizontal lines and more marked air intakes and a pair of hot air vents on the hood. Behind the LED drivers are also premiere, as are the four exhaust outlets. This 2018 will also be able to choose between 11 colors and wheels with specific design.

Ford Mustang

Under the extensive hood hide the major changes applied in this facelift, with good news and a bad news regarding its European specifications. The good thing is that the new injection applied to the engine of eight cylinders in uve and 5.0 liters of displacement raises its power to the 450 CB (466 in the USA) whereas the 2.3 liters EcoBoost of four cylinders is the bad one, with a cut from 314 hp to 290 hp. Things of emissions regulations, we suppose.

In addition to the traditional manual gearbox associated with both engines you can choose the new 10-ratio automatic transmission developed jointly between Ford and General Motors which also equips the Camaro and which already mounts the F-150 Raptor. A gearbox that ensures reduced gear times and reduced fuel consumption compared to the previous six-speed automatic.

To be in favor with neighbors, the 2018 Mustang will equip a completely new exhaust line with a valve that can be opened or closed at will, and even schedule what hours it should be closed to disturb as little as possible when we get to work.

Inside the cockpit already known in the previous model and with quite good finishes that leave behind the prejudices on the American cars, Ford has taken care to introduce better finishes on some of the surfaces and the new system of infotainment SYNC3 with touch screen of 8 inches.

Ford Mustang

Also new will be the driving modes associated with the MagneRide suspension (optional), a more stable revised suspension, pre-collision wizard with pedestrian detection, intelligent cruise control, lane maintenance assistant, Lane- Lock to burn the wheels and the fully digital 12-inch dashboard (optional).

We still do not know what your definitive price bracket will be or when it will start trading in Europe, but we do know that we are looking forward to a warm welcome.

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