Ford Ranger Max

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 08, 2017
Ford Ranger Max

At the moment, the Ford Ranger Max is an advance to what will be the new generation of the oval pick-up. It has been presented at the Thailand International Motor Expo and is just an exhibition car. For now.

You see a lot of changes in your body and what you do not see, does not change, so we will focus only on the aesthetic section. The front adopts the already classic chrome bands of American pick-ups, but with a more contained size.

On the side, the wheel arches seem more bulky even than the current Ford Ranger Wildtrack and have the detail of being painted in the color of the body with plastic inserts that seem to want to simulate the tacos of a nuemático.

Ford Ranger Max

The back does not seem to change much, but it does look more stylized. The cockpit can be covered with a folding door and incorporates a kind of aileron behind the cabin.

It has to be recognized that this Ford Ranger Max has been luxury to its designers. The fact that it is a vehicle destined to work (even if it is used more for leisure) does not have to be at odds with good design. If the new generation does not change much about this, we will have one of the most beautiful pick-ups on the market.

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