Honda Urban EV Concept an electric compact that will arrive in 2019

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 12, 2017
Honda Urban EV Concept

The reinterpretations are in fashion, even more so when manufacturers try to print the emotional aspect to their electric futures as did Volkswagen with the I.D. BUZZ and I.D. Concept. The same road has followed Honda for the presentation of the small Urban EV Concept inspired by the small compact of three decades ago.

With a robust, compact, simple and at the same time light-hearted aspect, the Urban EV Concept is built on a completely new platform for the brand and is Honda's vision of what cars should be like in cities of the future.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Takahiro Hachigo, President and CEO of Honda Motor Co., said: "This prototype is not a vision of the distant future, the production version will reach Europe in 2019." This means that Honda will have to present the definitive model of the Urban EV Concept sometime throughout 2018. Come on, this is a probe balloon to fine tune the final design.

Taking into account that this prototype advances the lines of a future model, highlights in this bet that presents Honda in Frankfurt that it is a very compact car, with a total length 100 mm shorter than the Honda Jazz and with very geometric proportions , really square to give it the appearance of going back to the road.

Honda Urban EV Concept

In anticipation of future electric models of the brand, Honda announces that the backlit logo that looks first to see the Urban EV Concept will be a hallmark of their zero emission cars. Without leaving the front, the grid has a communicative function to show "multilingual interactive messages such as greetings, tips for other drivers on the road or updates."

The sides of the body also have another luminous icon in front of the rear wheels and that is nothing more than an indicator of the state of charge of the battery that predictably will be lost in its passage to the production.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Inside the Urban EV Concept Honda engineers have squeezed the neurons so that even if an outwardly small car turns out its habitability is the best possible. The square shapes of the space are complemented with front pillars narrowed to the maximum to generate a great visual amplitude and the access is realized through doors of inverted opening. The C-pillar instead is very massive to reinforce the feeling of robustness, as well as the huge rims and marked wheel arches typical of a saloon car.

Up to four occupants will be able to travel in this small electric Honda on a one-piece, lofted roll-up classic seat that are worn so far in the homes of the famous, with natural materials in upholstery and wood details. As usual of this interior will be little when it is moved to the definitive model.

Honda Urban EV Concept

On the dashboard there is more wood to have horizontal pieces that give continuity to the space and accompany a huge panoramic screen placed on the dashboard. Beneath it a few simple controls and a steering wheel of square shapes and futuristic appearance. The images generated by the side chambers that act as mirrors are projected onto the door panels.

There is absolutely no information on the technology used under the hood of the Urban EV Concept. We do not know what kind of electric motorization it uses or the capacity of its batteries, so it will be hopelessly hopeless until the Japanese want to present us the definitive (or almost definitive) model next year.

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