In 2025 BMW will have 25 electric cars with autonomies of up to 700 kilometers

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 08, 2017
In 2025 BMW will have 25 electric cars

BMW is giving clues about its plans before landing in Frankfurt, and yesterday the CEO of the firm, Harald Krüger, issued a speech in Munich about the strategy of electrification of the Bavarian company: 25 electric models for 2025, 12 of them electric pure and with an autonomy of 700 kilometers.

Meanwhile, it prepares to unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show a four-door zero emissions that will be located between the urbanite i3 and the i8 Roadster. A mysterious image revealed by the firm shows a conceptual teaser of the new electric sedan, which at the moment we can only see under a canvas.

Autonomy of up to 700 kilometers in a future that starts with 'i'

In 2025 BMW will have 25 electric cars

During the press conference, Krueger revealed that of the 25 electrified vehicles, more than half will be fully electric and with a range of up to 700 kilometers. Among BMW's future plans is also to increase the proportion of electrified models in all makes and series: "Yes, that also includes Rolls-Royce and BMW M," said Krueger.

At the beginning of the year we knew the doubts about the viability of a BMW M electric: "We currently have a problem with the power-to-power ratio in electrification that makes it difficult to integrate with our motorsport philosophy", explained BMW M CEO.

In 2025 BMW will have 25 electric cars

What is certain is that in Frankurt the MINI Electric Concept will be unveiled for launch in 2019 and another milestone in the roadmap of the German brand: a vision of how BMW imagines a fully electric four-door vehicle that sits between the i3 and i8. Due to its sedan shape, it is very likely to be among Tesla's rivals.

This conceptual electric sedan is covered with a tarp that will not be removed until the Frankfurt Motor Show opens, which opens its doors on September 14 but from day 12 offers press conferences with which you can find out everything.

In 2025 BMW will have 25 electric cars

So until then we can continue to speculate if it is the expected i5 - whose dimensions would be placed below a Series 5 and above a Series 3, with four doors and coupe line - or a prototype that advances the mark. BMW promises to have at the end of 2017 a total of more than 200,000 electric vehicles on the road.

In the cover image the CEO of the firm poses next to the concept and a copy of the new BMW i3S, a sports variant of the i3 electric that we will also see in Frankurt.

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