McLaren BP23 with central driving position the fastest McLaren in history

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 29, 2017
McLaren BP23 with central driving position

The next member of the Ultimate Series family of McLaren will also be the fastest model in the history of the company, as it has communicated the British firm itself. At the moment it has no definitive name, since it is still a prototype of tests, but they call it McLaren BP23.

The most interesting of the official photos of this test mule, based on the McLaren 720 S, is that they show the central driving position of the future model, in the style of the legendary McLaren F1. In essence, it is the successor to the McLaren P1, and will also resort to hybridization.

McLaren has also confirmed that the future top model of the house will have an interior configuration 1 + 2, ie, F1, with a central driver's seat and two side seats and more delayed for the occupants. The brand is also flirting in the BP23 with cameras that act as rearview mirrors (in the absence of being legal).

McLaren BP23 winth central position driving

McLaren BP23 central driving position

The aim of this BP23 is to be the fastest McLaren of all time (and also the most powerful and with the most advanced aerodynamics), but not in relation to lap times in circuit, but using another metric. What we do not know yet is if they refer to acceleration data (0-100 km / h, 0-200 km / h, etc ...) or at maximum speed.

The Woking brand already announced earlier this year that BP23 would be on the road in 2019, and although there are still two years to reach its final buyers, the fact is that the 106 units that will be produced which manufactured the McLaren F1) are already sold. We arrived late!

The task of the BP23 is not exactly easy, considering that the current McLaren P1 that must happen and also overcome offers a hybrid drive system of 916 hp and 900 Nm, as well as scandal performance: 0 to 100 km / h in less than three seconds, 0-200 km / h in less than seven and 0-300 km / h in less than seventeen. A show, go.

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