Mercedes-AMG Project One will be in the Frankfurt Motor Show

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 04, 2017
Mercedes-AMG Project One will be in the Frankfurt Motor Show
Daimler will make a big display at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a couple of weeks. In total its stand will house about 100 vehicles, including for example the renewed S Coupé and S Cabrio, the new X-Class and a pre-series unit of the F-CELL EQ Power GLC, a fuel cell vehicle and plug-in hybrid.

But above all there will be one that will attract all eyes, and will be none other than the Mercedes-AMG Project One, the hypercar they have been developing years with which promise to put in a production car the hybrid technology of the current Formula 1 cars .

That the almost definitive version is presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show is no accident. This year Mercedes-AMG is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, hence they want to dazzle the world with the great creation.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One has been talked about a lot, it has been speculated and gone more detail once they were discovered through talks of the sports division executives, some of the details of the platform to be used.
Mercedes-AMG Project One will be in the Frankfurt Motor Show
What we know for sure is that the Project One will have five engines (one V6 and four electric), the main one being a 1.6 liter V6 supercharged by a turbo electric capable of yielding 730 hp, hence every 50,000 kilometers have to go through workshop. The combined power with the other engines will be around 1,000 horses, while the weight will be slightly above 1,200 kilos of weight.

Finally the design of its body will be close to that of this prototype that is seen in the render that anticipates how the architecture of the Mercedes stand in the Frankfurt Motor Show. 2.25 million euros before taxes, that is the price that is spoken. Will we face the 21st-century McLaren F1? That is the goal, but we will only know in a few days.

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