Mercedes-AMG shows us the rear of Project ONE before debuting in Frankfurt

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 11, 2017
Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

While the Frankfurt Motor Show will be riddled with eco-friendly news from Mercedes-Benz, there will be a very spectacular one that will stand out for obvious reasons. The home of Affalterbach is starting to warm up the atmosphere even more than a few hours after the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE breaks out and has given us a new image that makes the hair stand on end.

Again, what we see in this teaser is the rear of the most radical street car out of the German factory and its forms let us clear that it will be a car without concessions in line with its Formula 1 technology with more than 1,000 CV, at the same time that reminds us of mythical silhouettes like the legendary Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

The birth of this beast is no coincidence, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the AMG division. Its extreme link with the competition will materialize in a real dream car that will be the closest thing to a German Formula 1 car that can roll on the roads.

Its staging will leave us data as impressive as a hybrid engine that splices a six-cylinder thermal unit in 1.6-liter uve assisted by a turbo electric capable of reaching 760 hp with a total of four electric motors. In conjunction they will offer about 1,000 gross horsepower for a weight of 1,200 kg.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

The aesthetics will be entirely subject to extreme aerodynamic performance. At the moment we can only be sure that it will be low and very wide, with very German lines, an air intake on the passenger compartment that will feed the V6 engine that will spit rage and fire by a huge central exhaust and, possibly, a fin of shark that will traverse the back to the rear.

The counterpart of all this mechanical extremism will be a maintenance interval not very affordable, every 50,000 kilometers, although its potential customers this will matter little enough considering an estimated price of 2.25 million euros without taxes.

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