The Nikola One hydrogen truck will carry Bosch e-Axle engines

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 26, 2017
Nikola One hydrogen truck

When it broke out last year, Nikola looked like one of all those start-up capital jackets that ended up coming to nothing, but it seems that in this case the doubts are clearing. With the intention of putting the Nikola One and Nikola Two on the road in 2021, the Salt Lake City-based firm has signed an important agreement with nothing more than Bosch.

As a result of this alliance, Bosch and Nikola will jointly create the power plants that future hydrogen trucks will use based on Bosch's eAxle technology. In addition, the German company will provide other high quality components to these long and medium range zero emission trucks.

At the moment, the market for alternative propulsion trucks is still in its infancy, but many are offering viable bets. Daimler already markets Fuso eCanter, Navistar International has an interesting 100% electric project, Tesla is preparing its semicamion to present it in October and Toyota is still experimenting with another hydrogen solution. With this scenario is essential to have strong allies that allow to take part of this game with guarantees.

Bosch is one of the busiest travel companions Nikola could have chosen, with a turnover in 2016 of € 73.1 billion and strong support for next-generation zero emission vehicles.

Nikola's hydrogen truck will use a fuel cell to power electric motors, a faster recharging solution and better autonomy than traditional plug-in batteries. According to the brand itself, the autonomy of these trucks of the future will vary according to the model between 1,300 and 2,000 km thanks to a battery of 320 kWh and the generation of electricity by hydrogen.

The next-generation fuel cells they will jointly develop will be associated with Bosch's eAxle engines, a total of six very compact electric drives (one on each wheel) capable of producing from 50 to 300 kW (from 67 to 402 hp) according to the purpose, in a single module that integrates the engine, the transmission and the electronics, considerably reducing the size and the final weight.

Nikola One hydrogen truck

So yes, everything points to that the Nikola One will be a player to take into account in the road transport of the future.

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