Renault Symbioz wants to break the walls between house and car

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 13, 2017
2018 Renault Symbioz

If we speculated a few days ago about what Renault had prepared for the Frankfurt Motor Show today we know that it is something more interesting than we had thought. The Renault Symbioz has been completely revealed and discover a world of innovation that goes beyond what has been known in the French brand.

Thinking about how to improve the mobility of the future, this proposition of tomorrow's saloon explores the nexus between car and housing with 680 hp. Presented jointly with a home, Symbioz is more than a show car, it is a project with the horizon in 2030 that will start filming this same 2017.

2018 Renault Symbioz

This prototype in the shape of a saloon sports a stylized and muscular figure with proportions of 4.70 meters long by 1.98 meters wide and 1.35 meters high. The exterior line is very particular with exterior lines very marked that can condition the future designs of Renault and a habitat of bubble style full of glazed surfaces.

In front of it a large rhombus presides over the letter of presentation of the Symbioz on a sharp nose with reduced optics to the minimal expression that extend in form of exaggerated C until the inferior end of the bumper. Laterally there are large wheel arches, a huge C (or B rather) pillar above the waist and a futuristic shooting break style rear with a glass shark fin that integrates the third brake light.

Inside this carved body will hide a new generation of zero emission electric motorizations. Two permanent magnet electric motors will power the Symbioz from the rear axle capable of generating 500 kW (680 hp) of power and 660 Nm of torque.

2018 Renault Symbioz

On the other hand the batteries (we assume that of lithium ions) harbor a capacity of 72 kWh. With these guarantees Renault announces a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds and a range of more than 500 km on the motorway, with an induction recharge time of only 20 minutes to obtain 80% load.

The access to the interior is made through four doors of opposite opening in the lower zone and a glazed surface shared in configuration wings of gull. Once inside four independent seats are oriented outwards to facilitate entry.

In addition to marble, porcelain, wood and linen for the different surfaces, the interior of the Symbioz receives an OLED screen of 80 cm that acts as a dashboard and interface for the infotainment system and a steering wheel of modern forms that hides the connect the autonomous driving system, the pedals retract and the front seats can be looked back.

2018 Renault Symbioz

Giving a nod to the Renault Espace of the 1980s that inaugurated this trend, the interior modularity is complemented by a small retractable and folding table with marble surface that is placed in the center. To handle the functions of the car in this position each belt has a small touch screen.

Apart from this Symbioz, Renault has prepared a parallel test car that is not exposed in Frankfurt but will start shortly with its test phase. This car will have three modes of driving: Classic for a traditional driving style, Dynamic for lively driving (engine feel, steering and chassis tuning and more wraparound seats) and Autonomous Driving (AD) in which the car takes over the tasks of conduction.

2018 Renault Symbioz

anto the prototype as the unit of tests that will roll soon will equip level 4 autonomous driving, stripping the driver of all the driving tasks and allowing him and his occupants to be able to dedicate themselves to other tasks.

This level promises to be able to take care of all the control in the routes authorized for them, being able even in the emergency situations, being able to look for safe place in the shoulder even if an accident happens ahead of our trajectory.

It also includes the operation in autonomous mode when crossing toll barriers on motorway, something that Renault already demonstrated in July and using a specific lane for autonomous vehicles and electronic toll, reducing the speed to 30 km / h keeping the appropriate line both inbound and outbound.

2018 Renault Symbioz

As we anticipated in the teaser, the name Symbioz comes from the term "symbiosis" and referred to its connection with the owner's address. The marriage between the vehicle and the home understood by Renault is reflected in a passenger compartment that is the extension of the house and a house conditioned by the needs of transport.

The total connection between the two worlds is expressed as a car which is a further room of the house that the manufacturer has exhibited in parallel in Frankfurt. A building designed by the studio Marchi Achitectes has an area of ​​120 square meters.

2018 Renault Symbioz

Inside the passenger compartment, materials and shapes inspired by architecture and interior design have been used to allow the car to take us to the destination while we work or enjoy the time spent traveling in a comfortable seat. When you get home, an elevator allows the car to reach a separate room or even to the roof terrace, so that it is not only a car but also a place to relax.

In addition, being electric, Symbioz joins the stream of cars that are sources of intelligent energy with which to power the electricity of the home. This is achieved through artificial intelligence capable of recognizing and anticipating consumption needs, both domestically and on the move. The schedules of the routes or the configuration of the system can be carried out from the own vehicle or from the system of domótica of the house.

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