Thunder Power Electric SUV with Zen air that promises 650 kilometers of autonomy

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   September 14, 2017
Thunder Power SUV

In the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 we have seen many more, more than ever and many concept that predict dream autonomy and a future in which accidents will be a thing of the past, as Audi on the Aion predicts. But less well-known brands such as Thunder Power have also been seen.

This Chinese company presented in the edition of Frankfurt 2015 its saloon Thunder Power Sedan and has returned to the edition of this year with another concept, this time SUV, and its design does not go unnoticed.

Electric SUV with a European touch and 650 km of autonomy

Thunder Power SUV

The Chinese technology company combines European engineering and Italian design with the Zen philosophy. The luxury saloon presented a couple of years ago was proposed in different variants of power up to 430 kW (584 hp). Thunder Power ensures that its saloon will have an autonomy over 650 km (NEDC cycle) with a single load and over 300 km with a load of 30 minutes. The battery pack would be lithium-ion with a capacity of 125 kWh.

The electric todocamino that just presented Thunder Power has a battery pack of up to 125 kWh, which according to the Chinese manufacturer will provide a range of 650 kilometers under the European NEDC cycle, or about 475 kilometers under the new WLTP cycle.

Thunder Power SUV

It has multi-link suspension and a propulsion system consisting of three electric motors that achieve a maximum power of 430 kW (586 hp). The SUV promises to reach 100 km / h in less than four seconds and will begin production in China in late 2019, with the first deliveries in early 2020 (the sedan will arrive a year earlier), the magic year of electrification.

The interior does not predict a large space for passengers, especially those of the rear seats, but ahead we find a fully digital dashboard that runs the entire width of the vehicle.

The fact is that the rounded design of the todocamino is quite distinctive; It has a very zen front area that reminds us of the waves of the water and either you love it or you hate it (maybe we would prefer more for the first one).

In March this year, Thunder Power announced the signing of an agreement with the Conselleria de Empresa y Conocimiento de Cataluña for the construction of an R & D center in the Barcelona area. The R & D center, which will be operational in 2018, would be accompanied in a second phase by the construction of a factory to produce the Thunder Power Sedan for the European market.

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