2020 Audi Sport prepares five new models

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 05, 2017
2020 Audi Sport

Oliver Hoffman is the new technical director of development of Audi from the past 1 of October, replacing Stephen Reil, who will assume a new position within Audi. And Hoffman's first task will be to add five new models to the range of the high-performance division by 2020. Currently, Audi Sport has 11 models, which would bring the total to 16 in a few years.

Audi Sport has not revealed details about these new models, but the rumors and prototypes caught can give us an idea of ​​where the shots go.

2020 Audi Sport

It will not be a surprise to see new SUVs in the range. For example, there is talk of a new Audi RSQ3, but you can not rule out possible Q5 and Q7 in RS version. As for the cars, it is spoken with insistence of an RS5 Sportback and even a convertible version of the current RS5 Coupé, as in the previous generation.

2020 Audi Sport

Previously, the RS versions of a model came almost to the end of the model's life cycle, as a final party flavor. This was the case, for example, the first RS4, RS3 Sportback or RS6. However, for a few years, the RS version has been developed in parallel with the base model to reach the market two or three years after the launch of the model.

It is something we see with the new RS4, unveiled a few weeks ago and that comes to complete the range of the current Audi A4 whose marketing began in the second half of 2015. That is, we have Audi RS4 before the first restyling of the A4, something unthinkable in previous generations.

Hoffman arrives at Audi Sport after leading the development of Audi engines, such as the V10, and was previously responsible for quality at Lamborghini. As for Stephen Reil was at Quattro GmbH (the former Audi Sport) since 1999 and participated in the development of all Audi RS and Audi R8 from the first Audi RS4.

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