2018 BMW M5 MotoGP Safety Car

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 30, 2017
The new BMW M5 has just dressed in war to be, during the next season, the MotoGP Safety Car. The sports sedan of BMW M GmbH will replace the BMW M2 Safety Car, acting as a safety car during the next season.

2018 BMW M5 MotoGP Safety Car

Luckily, the new model will debut in the last race of this year that will be held in Valencia, where the excitement will be maximum since there will be decided the title of MotoGP World Champion between Marc Márquez and Andrea Dovizioso.

The changes are obvious to the street model. The most striking feature is the decoration with the BMW M GmbH colors, its characteristic tricolor shades and the specific rims painted in gold.

They say that the design was based on the BMW M8 GTE with which the German brand will compete from next year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

But beyond the colors and LED lights on the roof and front, with its flashes to make it visible on the track, the BMW M5 Safety Car has some specific elements, some taken from the M Performance catalog.

BMW M5 MotoGP Safety Car

We speak for example of the sports exhaust BMW M Performance made of titanium, with carbon exhaust tails, which in addition to improving the weight of the set, also give it a really spectacular sound.

In the trunk lid, a small carbon fiber spoiler improves air flow and gives it a more aggressive appearance.

On the other hand, the interior has been changed the comfortable and large sports seats with electrical settings that equips the M5 as standard for the BMW M4 GTS.

This ensures that the fastening of the pilots is sufficient in the curves of half-world circuits. The switches have also been installed that allow the roof and front lights to be activated when necessary.

BMW M5 Safety Car

Undoubtedly, being Safety Car of MotoGP have a showcase to give visibility to the new BMW M5 around the world. A saloon that with its V8 twin turbo of 600 HP and programmable four-wheel drive, promises to give a lot of war in the segment of the big sports saloons.

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