Citroën plans C3 inspired by the WRC

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 17, 2017
Citroën plans C3 inspired by the WRC

Although in the Citroën range there has always been a tradition of small sports cars, in the last years the most efficient models have carried the distinctive DS, like the DS 3 Performance and the previous DS 3 Racing. Now, however, the French brand is posing a spicy C3.

This hypothetical sport version of the Citroën C3, which would be inspired by the C3 WRC of the World Rally Championship, is a possibility according to the own responsible of the mark, Linda Jackson, who wants to have in its range a product that relates the street models with the of competition.

"I would like to have something that connects with our WRC and Citroën Racing bets, and we are currently studying it. It has to be a racing car, but it has to be good. , Jackson told Autocar magazine.

Although Citroën wants to produce a C3 directly related to its WRC brother, the fact is that it is not a priority for the brand. "This car will be something no one else has done, but it can not be a soft bet and it has to be credible," Jackson continues.

Xavier Peugeot himself has commented that this future C3 will not seek raw power, as it will have to offer Citroën qualities as comfort. "We have to create a bridge between the racing car and a day-to-day car," says Peugeot.

So, this rival of B-class sports cars like the Ford Fiesta ST, Peugeot 208 GTI, Renault Clio RS or Volkswagen Polo GTI, will not be a radical bet, but rather a product suitable for a customary use, but in any case would be great news that came true.

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