Green4U Enova and MTU-6: two American-made electric SUV

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 14, 2017
Green4U Enova and MTU-6

If you are a fan of the world of competition you will hear the name of Panoz, mainly for its race cars and its journey in Le Mans, but the fact is that the American company headed by Don Panoz also bets on sustainable mobility through Green4U Technologies .

In addition to the Panoz GT-EV electric car we talked about a few months ago, designed for the World Endurance Championship, the company Green4U founded by Panoz just introduced two fully electric six-door SUVs, called Enova and MTU-6.

Both models promise an autonomy of about 370 kilometers (230 miles), but are different concepts. Enova is a little more thought of for the world of passenger transport, while MTU-6 is a more robust vehicle, designed for hard work - and looks like this.

On sale next summer, these two SUVs, which will be produced in Georgia, United States, are focused on fleets and their main objective is to provide easy access to the rear seats (second and third row seats). In fact, the company has anticipated that the Green4U Enova will also be offered in eight-door variant.

"Both vehicles will share a modular aluminum chassis designed by the company and will be produced in Georgia, which will also serve as the basis for future Green4U electric models, including an eight-door Enova, the company plans to begin deliveries to customers of the Enova and MTU-6 in the second quarter of 2018, "they say from the company, which has not yet offered specifications or price models.

Jack Perkowski, CEO of Green4U Technologies and co-founder of the company along with Dan Panoz, has communicated the interest of the company to grow its electric vehicle offer in the not too distant future. All will be based on the same aluminum chassis and will use electric propulsion systems.

Green4U Enova

Green4U MTU6

"In a couple of years, the company would like to launch a full range of electric vehicles, from small urban vehicles to sedans, SUVs, passenger or cargo vans and even medium and large commercial vehicles," says Perkowski.

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