The Honda Sports EV Concept is a small two-seater sports car

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 25, 2017
Honda Sports EV Concept

It is called Honda Sports EV Concept and is one of the most interesting prototypes that presents Honda in the Hall of Tokyo, although for now the Japanese brand has been very brief with the information about it.

For now all we know is that this small sports two-seater two-door, promising much fun at the wheel according to Honda, resort to an electric propulsion system that nothing has been detailed yet, beyond that will feature Artificial Intelligence.

With a long hood and a compact passenger compartment whose seats are located practically above the rear axle, the Sports EV Concept dispenses with rear view mirrors in favor of cameras that do the same function.

Honda Sports EV Concept

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This Sports EV Concept has certain similarities with the Urban EV Concept shown a month ago and whose objective is to be in the market in 2019, starting with the body color and following with the LED optics or the backlit Honda logos, which the brand ensures will be a hallmark of their production models zero emissions.

We assume that the Sports EV Concept shares the all-new platform promised by the Urban EV, although there is no official confirmation from Honda.

As in that, the front pillars of this small sports car have also been tightened to the maximum, while the C-pillar is especially wide. To know more about the model we will have to wait for Honda to decide to provide more details.

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