Lamborghini has confirmed four-door 2021

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 09, 2017
Lamborghini has confirmed four-door 2021

Lamborghini has confirmed a four-door 2021. Good times run for Lamborghini. One of the most charismatic Italian factories has a few years ahead of them that proudly paint. To the current Hurricane and Aventador with all its variants, within a short time new members will be added in its catalog to diversify its offer and attract many more customers.

Those of Sant'Agata Bolognese just confirmed that in 2021 they are going to launch a new model of four doors, a great announcement for the Italian firm with which to underpin its sustained growth. Together with the Urus that will arrive not too long, they will form a fan of four well differentiated models and with many rivals against whom to fight.

Lamborghini wants to double its offer and its production in 4 years

Lamborghini has confirmed four-door 2021

In this way, Lamborghini would again benefit from the Volkswagen Group platforms, taking advantage of economies of scale and reinterpreting the model at will to achieve good profit margins while maintaining its low volume production profile. It also forms an insatiable rumor that has not stopped appearing periodically during the last years.

According to Federico Foschini himself (commercial director), Lamborghini wants to double its sales volume in a few years, but in order to do so they have to expand their offer of available models. A push that will take a strong impulse with the arrival of the Urus of 650 hp and the current of SUV of high performance that such good results are giving to competitors like Porsche with the Cayenne.

In the same way that the Italians have taken into consideration the strange Lamborghini LM002 when designing the Urus, they will also use the Lamborghini Estoque presented in 2008 as inspiration for their future saloon. Predictably the configuration will be a four-seater with front engine and four-wheel drive, and its development has already begun.

Lamborghini has confirmed four-door 2021

The chosen platform would be the MSB, the same that employ those who in the end will be two of its biggest rivals, the Porsche Panamera and the Bentley Continental GT, but for the moment do not rule out the use of a chassis own carbon fiber based those who equip their current sports, but that would trigger development costs.

At the moment Lamborghini has already prepared its facilities, doubling the extension of its production plant in the face of the arrival of the Urus, and being able to extend its installations even further. So who knows, if the Urus works well maybe we will see a four-door full development by Lamborghini.

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