Lexus LS+ Concept automated driving technology for 2020

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 25, 2017
Lexus LS+ Concept

At the beginning of the year Lexus presented its great saloon, the Lexus LS 2017, but the Japanese company has taken advantage of the Tokyo Motor Show to advance the future generation of the model, using a prototype called Lexus LS + Concept, which also advances the autonomous technology of the house.

This LS + prototype is a look at the following LS but also the future of Japanese brand design, based on the 'L-finesse' philosophy. These include partially laser beacons, full-width pilots, rear-view mirrors, or the large Spindle Grille, which in addition to improving propeller cooling has an important aerodynamic role.

Leaving aside the design, which is also important, perhaps the most relevant of this concept is the technology that incorporates, which is an advance to the autonomous driving systems that Lexus intends to put on the street by 2020.

Lexus LS+

One of the objectives of Lexus is to make sure that its vehicles can circulate in a piloted way in fast routes, from the moment of incorporation until it touches the highway. Lane changes, additions and maintenance of the lane or the safety distance with the previous vehicle are some of the functions that the car will be able to offer.

LS+ Concept

In addition, Lexus ensures that the LS + Concept can communicate with a data center to update the vehicle's software, and extra functionality can be added through such updates (Tesla style, go). Finally, Artificial Intelligence also plays a key role, "learning" the big data on the roads to improve their autonomous capabilities.

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