2018 Lotus Elise Cup 250

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 20, 2017
2018 Lotus Elise Cup 250

As if the Lotus Elise Cup 250, the fastest four-cylinder in Lotus history, was not enough, the British manufacturer of thrills and light dreams with rear-wheel drive now brings us an even more fascinating machine, even more powerful and much more exclusive , as only 30 units of the Lotus Elise Cup 260 will be manufactured.

His playing cards are the same ones used to play in the small English factory, but with an even more winning hand giving the featherweight of the house an even more extreme lightness, saving more weight to a set already very light and adding an aerodynamic package that adds 180 kg of downforce.

The reduction of weight has been achieved through an intensive use of carbon fiber, incorporating as standard some optional elements in the rest of the range. On the scale throws a ridiculous 862 kg that next to the 253 hp and 255 Nm of torque (7 hp more than the Cup 250) offers a weight / power ratio of 290 hp per ton.

With these figures it is able to accelerate the 0-100 km / h in 4.2 seconds and the mark ensures that with the introduced changes the Elise Cup 260 is 2,5 seconds faster in the circuit of Hethel than the Elise Cup 250.

2018 Lotus Elise Cup 250

Externally, the Elise Cup 260 distinguishes itself from the rest by a gold exclusive color denominated Championship Gold of this unit (to choose among others more conventional), a sticker with champion laurels on the left B pillar and the Union Jack that shows proud in the lateral ends of its enormous wing inherited from the radical 3-Eleven, which together with the integrated heels and the engine cover are part of the new aerodynamic kit.

According to Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus, the Cup 260 is inspired by the brand's cars competing in different contests all over the world. "Experience gained in the circuits has been used to add more power, racing components and new aerodynamics to get a car with no rivals."

It is the most powerful Lotus Elise ever produced but at the same time is the most aerodynamic load generates with 180 kg at 243 km / h, but also adds to its equipment two-piece brake discs, hood and overhead cage as standard, in addition of Nitron adjustable dampers.

2018 Lotus Elise Cup 250

In the interior we continue with the trinkets with some carbon fiber seats finished in black Alcantara with red or yellow (to choose) seams, much aluminum and carbon fiber in sight, like the frame of the dashboard. Among the options you can choose a steering wheel lined Alcantara, leather and tartan seats and doors, infotainment system, air conditioning, sound insulation or mats.

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