How much will they have paid to release a McLaren F1

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 26, 2017
McLaren F1

Just a week ago we told you the story of a new brand new McLaren F1 that was on sale in the UK after having spent most of its life parked in a garage of a Japanese collector, which kept the car as it was delivered from the factory, with their protective plastics and everything.

That supercar promised to reach record prices when it was sold, and although we do not know what the amount of the sale operation was, what we can already confirm is that it has already been sold.

This has been announced by the seller himself, the British specialist Tom Hartley Jr. through his account of Instagram, where this morning has hung the SOLD (sold).

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To premiere a McLaren F1 today, could be the dream at the time or now anyone who dreamed of getting one of the very few units of this supercar. Elon Musk had one, but he had an accident.

It is something unique, an unrepeatable experience since surely there is no McLaren F1 in a similar state of conservation. Therefore, it is estimated that the sale price of this unit could have exceeded 20 million pounds, slightly more than 22 million euros.

The amounts in this type of transactions are usually secret between the selling party and the buying party, but that is what they say someone has paid for it. It does not seem unreasonable if we consider that recently paid 13.2 million euros for another unit almost new.

Now that the impeccable McLaren F1 seems to have found new owner, the question is whether it will keep it in its mummified state for more years or will use it. Be that as it may, it has undoubtedly been one of the fastest selling operations in history, just as the McLaren F1 was one of the fastest cars in history.

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