New McLaren F1 Dandelow Yellow

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 17, 2017
McLaren F1 Dandelow Yellow

The McLaren F1 is undoubtedly one of the best cars of all time, a supercar capable of losing the sense to anyone who drove it bordering the 391 km / h that reached at the time.

In recent times the prices of the McLaren F1 of occasion have exploded, arriving to be paid 13.2 million euros two months ago by this unit almost new. Now has appeared in Japan another unit without brand new, with its protective plastics and everything. This is his story.

It is a McLaren F1 exterior color Dandelow Yellow (yellow) with the Dark Gray interior that was sold to a Japanese customer with the number 060 chassis.

That customer decided not to open his car, not even touch it, hence today still rests with the original plastics and papers that the factory put him to protect the parts of the interior during their transport from Great Britain to Japan.

McLaren F1 Dandelow Yellow

The car has only 239 kilometers since it was manufactured, and it is the fact that those were the miles made by McLaren's own testers before delivering to his client to make sure that everything was fine. We can therefore talk about the only new McLaren F1 to be released.

The owner of the car never used it, did not even get it started. What he did instead was to keep it as it came from England, with its original protections, the Facom toolbox, the set of custom made suitcases and even the trunk tool kits untouched.

At that time, McLaren had a collaboration agreement with the watchmaker Tag Heuer, who developed a specific watch that was delivered to each of the buyers of an F1, with the number of chassis inscribed in the sphere.

That watch is also unprinted and will be delivered to the new owner who is willing to pay the tens of millions of euros that is called to cost this McLaren F1 re-release.

The British car trader Tom Hartley Jr. heard the story of this McLaren F1 that was in Japan, and has been working for months to get it in his catalog. It assures that it will be the car of street with more value of the next years, something that could be true because today it is impossible to find another McLaren F1 in the world without brand new.

We imagine that when Gordon Murray developed the McLaren F1, he did it thinking that its owners could enjoy it not as a newspaper car, but usually on a road or circuit.

Therefore, I do not know what he will think of this unit that has remained as it was delivered during all these years. There is also the circumstance that the car has the signature signature of Gordon Murray on the right rear side, as well as in the book of technical specifications.

This is not a McLaren F1 any, since in addition to its specific color had a bi-color upholstery inside in yellow and black, with a special steering wheel inherited from the McLaren F1 LM and with an extra sport exhaust LM.

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