Nissan wants its electric cars to ‘sing’ so that you’ll hear them coming

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 30, 2017
The electric car lives a crossroads. On the one hand, being quiet is a plus to mitigate the incipient noise pollution that floods the cities and their surroundings and that makes us wonder what silence sounds. On the other hand, electric motors are dangerously silent for pedestrians, so in this dilemma, Nissan has developed a new technology called 'Canto'.

Nissan wants its electric cars to ‘sing’ so that you’ll hear them coming

'Canto' aims to be the sound of the electric vehicles of the Japanese firm, an important element of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy. In a video of the manufacturer we can hear how the Nissan IMx concept sounds, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show.

At the conference given by the Japanese manufacturer at the Tokyo Salon a few days ago, we were able to see the new concept 'on the move'. The seats and the steering wheel are tilted to enjoy the trip without physical or visual obstacles, and the technology 'Canto' is emitting a sound to the submarine of futuristic war as it passes through the highway and the city, as it draws vehicles in a way autonomous

A kind of radar sound is emitted when the car parks alone or comes home. The IMx zero emissions concept is Nissan's vision of this future of mobility, which we will see in the coming years. The manufacturer claims to have taken into account the mundane noise of cities and highways: it will be perfectly audible without disturbing pedestrians, residents and passengers.

Said sound varies its tone and frequency depending on whether it is accelerating, decelerating or reversing. Like garbage trucks or machinery equipment works, but more subtle. The sound is activated at speeds from 20 and 30 km / h, depending on the market.

As Nissan says, 'Canto' has been developed to improve the safety of pedestrians and ensure that when we hear it say "there goes an electric Nissan!".

Video source : Youtube

What we know about the IMx is that it will offer a range of 600 kilometers, is completely autonomous thanks to the ProPILOT system and is based on a new platform for electric vehicles, designed to achieve maximum efficiency. We'll see what all this is 

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