Rezvani Tank militarized futuristic SUV

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 24, 2017
Rezvani Tank militarized futuristic SUV

The Rezvani Tank is a monstrosity, but it is so beastly that we would not mind having this futuristic-looking SUV (or SUV) militarized, if we had a garage big enough to fit inside, Clear. It would also be the perfect utility for Negan, now that The Walking Dead has returned.

That's why we love to fantasize with him, and Rezvani has made available to everyone an online configurator with which we can create a Tank to suit us. Of course, do not expect to take things away to make it more affordable because it will continue to cost $ 178,000 as input and in all cases, the engine chosen is a V4 engine with 6.4 liters and 500 horses with atmospheric suction. There is no four-cylinder EcoBoost or anything like that.

At the body level we can choose from 10 different colors to choose without surcharge, with three tire finishes for 500 euros each option. The most extreme of the exterior comes with the possibility of choosing between three levels of armor where the most extreme ($ 97,000) includes runflat tires, gas masks, blinding lights, electrified handles, sirens and intercoms.

Options follow the Off Road suspension for $ 5,500, or an Off Road Extreme for $ 12,500 that adds up to the pneumatic, Fox shock absorbers that can be supplemented with a new brake kit for $ 3,500 more.

Rezvani Tank

Going inside the elections will not be too many but Rezvani gives us the option to choose between three shades of upholstery at no cost, a full leather interior for $ 3,500, hand stitching in color for $ 500, Alpine infotainment system ($ 2,500) or mats for $ 650 more. No, cars over $ 100,000 now do not wear series rugs apparently.

In addition there is also a thermal vision system ($ 5,500) a protective cover to cover the car ($ 750) and a battery charger ($ 175).

In total, the Rezvani Tank can almost double its price by choosing all the options, going from the $ 178,000 of the model of the series to the full $ 304,900 of equipment according to the configurator.

It would be necessary to see if they make promotional discounts (ha!) Or if outside these possibilities can be included other equipment that does not appear in such an Americanized car, such as additional coasters, retractable stirrups, an arsenal in the trunk or a bull antler. That yes, will match perfectly parked next to your bunker antinuclear, or anti zombis.

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