Steve Jobs' BMW Z8 Estimated to Fetch Up to $400,000 at Auction in New York Next Month

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 30, 2017
In October 2011, at the age of 56, Steve Jobs died, possibly the person who has done the most for the popularization of technology in our lives. Just a decade ago, nobody thought that a mobile phone could offer the possibilities offered by the iPhone today, not to mention its computers.

Steve Jobs' BMW Z8 Estimated to Fetch Up to $400,000 at Auction in New York Next Month

The personality of Jobs was that of a discreet guy outside the borders of Apple. He used to wear a black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers, and that was his lifelong look. That discretion led him to not be a great lover of supercar cars, although he could afford them. Perhaps the most exotic car that was owned by this BMW Z8 that will be auctioned soon.

Jobs liked German cars and motorcycles, and without a doubt his most famous car was a Mercedes SL 55 AMG that he used without a license plate because of a legal vacuum in the state of California.

But the reality is that Jobs had another German car more iconic if possible than the Mercedes SL. We talk about this BMW Z8 that in a few days will be auctioned in New York, in an auction of RM Sotheby's with the name Icons (icons).

Steve Jobs' BMW Z8 Estimated to Fetch Up to $400,000 at Auction in New York Next Month

Rumors say that it was Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, who convinced him to buy this BMW Z8, which represented the equivalent of its Apple products in the world of four wheels.

Steve Jobs commissioned his BMW Z8 on April 1, 2000 and received it on October 6. He registered it in his name and put as his address his habitual residence, and that is something that is provided as documentation of the car for sale. In addition to the vehicle, all service invoices will also be delivered to Steve Jobs.

Jobs did not use this car too much, and so much so that in 2003 he sold it to its current owner. He sold it to a new owner shortly thereafter, but perhaps due to the fact that the car had belonged to such an important personage as Steve Jobs, he regretted it and at 18 months he managed to convince his third owner to resell it.

So, we can confirm that this car has only had three owners throughout its life. With only 15,000 kilometers on the counter, it is possibly one of the best-maintained BMW Z8 of all those on sale today.


The BMW Z8 of Steve Jobs came loaded with extras. Among all of them stands out today the Motorola Startac phone that is placed in the central glove box.

That revolutionary phone for its time (60 million units were sold), will be delivered along with the car to the new owner who gets it in the auction. They say Jobs hated that phone and that hatred he felt for him helped him develop the iPhone.

It is estimated that the car will reach a price of between 300,000 and 400,000 dollars.

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