Tesla calls for revision to 11,000 Model X globally for a seating blocking problem

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 13, 2017

Tesla has confirmed a call for voluntary review of a total of 11,000 Model X units manufactured between October 28, 2016 and August 16, 2017, Electrek reported. The problem lies in the second row of folding seats: if the cable in the seat is too tight, it could prevent the left back from locking completely in the upright position and, in the event of a collision, could cause the seat to move forward in case of collision.

Although Tesla has no record of any incident arising from this failure, it will take care of the repairs of this set of problematic cables. The manufacturer advises its customers that until this repair is done, they will not allow two adults to sit in the second row of left and center seats at the same time.

The Model X can be configured with seven seats since July of this year, all individual and with the ability to move each independently from the screen itself or from the integrated switches in each of the seats. Also with five or six, the latter eliminates the central seat of the second row.

The fault Tesla alludes to was discovered through internal tests: if the cables are not adjusted correctly, the row of seats could move in case of an accident. However it is believed that only 3% of the vehicles removed are affected by the failure.

It is not the first time that a failure with the rear seats causes a call for revision: in 2016 a total of 2,700 units of the all-terrain, all made before March 26, 2016, had to be repaired by a problem with the third row of seats, which could be folded in case of an accident.

The Model X took the five stars of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) in June of this year, making it the safest SUV on the market, thanks, among other things, to a very low battery placed, which allows also a low center of gravity that reduces by half the possibilities of rollover.

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