Toyota GR HV Sports Prototype Targa

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 09, 2017
Toyota GR HV Sports

For the next Tokyo Motor Show, which opens its doors later this month, Toyota has an interesting prototype called Toyota GR HV Sports ready. It is a sports convertible type targa, which according to the brand itself is inspired by the Toyota TS050 Hybrid of the world of resistance.

Similar in appearance to the Toyota GT 86, especially by proportions and silhouette, this Toyota GR HV Sports is actually a very different vehicle, starting with its dimensions. With almost 4.4 meters in length, it is 16 centimeters longer than the sporty house, but there are many more differences.

The GR HV Sports is also a front-engine sports car, but it is not propulsion like the GT 86 nor a 2 + 2, as it is a front-wheel drive and two-seater. Toyota affirms that this particular Targa takes inspiration, besides the race car with which they participate in the WEC, of ​​two legendary convertibles of the brand: Toyota Sports 800 (Yot ahachi) and Toyota Supra.

Toyota GR HV Sports
Toyota GR HV Sports

The similarity of this prototype with the TS050 Hybrid goes beyond a striking rear diffuser, a curious LED front optics or aluminum rims. It also uses a hybrid propulsion system (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing or THS-R), with technology inherited from the competition model.

Perhaps most intriguing of all is that the GR HV, with six-speed automatic transmission, combines a shift selector on the console to choose the driving mode (P, R, N, D and M) and a shift lever in H to use, which can be used when the manual mode of the gearbox is activated.

This unusual combination is also crowned by a vehicle ignition button located on the gearshift lever and hidden under a red cover or cap in the style of the buttons of a combat fighter.

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