Volkswagen Scirocco The End

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Oktober 12, 2017
Volkswagen Scirocco

We are faced with sad news from Car & Driver partners: the Volkswagen Scirocco is out of production. The sports coupe can no longer be ordered with individual specifications, but an undetermined number of models are still in stock.

It may be one of the most blatant victims of the diesel scandal and the resulting new priorities within the company, including cost reduction and a focus on electrification of the brand. Not to mention the SUV fever. While it is true that during its 10 years of life, it did not really take off in terms of sales. An announced death?

A veteran who does not find a successor

Volkswagen Scirocco

Based on the same PQ35 platform as the fifth generation Golf, the exterior design of the Scirocco stood the test of time and the third generation remained in production for nearly a decade. Perhaps the plans of the German firm will not only make it disappear from the market, but add to its plans for electrification.

In May, a member of the board of directors of Volkswagen AGA mentioned that: "The Beetle and the Scirocco are representatives of a class of attractive and emotional vehicles, but not always continue cars from one generation to the next." In 2016, the sports coupe could only market 10,752 units.

However, as we have already discussed, the current Scirocco has proved to be a success for Volskwagen. His behavior, without being the absolute reference, received very good reviews in his day (especially, the Scirocco R).

A car whose conception goes back to 10 years has certain advantages, but also some drawbacks. The Scirocco, manufactured in Setubal (Portugal) for years has already been profitable and has provided benefits, so its price-equipment-performance ratio was among the best on the market.

But with almost 10 years in production, finishes are no longer up to their rivals. Even within the brand, for example against the current Volkswagen Golf, the Plastics of the Scirocco no longer have that premium aspect they could have had in 2008.

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