Honda Sport Vision Gran Turismo

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   November 10, 2017
Honda Sport Vision Gran Turismo

Honda and Polyphony Digital, the studio that created the game Gran Turismo, unveiled the Honda Sport Vision Gran Turismo. It is a model designed specifically for the game. Does the car sound good to you? Normal, its design drinks from the rest of Honda's sports models.

The front has an air to the great and small Honda S660 roadster, while the side air intakes certainly remind the Honda NSX. However, the car is also familiar because the simple reason that we have seen in some patents and with the name of ZSX.

A couple of years ago we have been talking about some patent registrations made by Honda for a small two-seater sports car, whose name was going to be ZSX, and it was meant to be the substitute for the longed-for Honda S2000.

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Last summer, a new ZSX patent was once again under the spotlight. This time the interior was appreciated and thanks to it we knew that it was, at least, a concept car. We still hoped that this concept car could be an indication of the design of a future model.

Well, no. It turns out to be a virtual model for Gran Turismo. You can drive it, but only on your PlayStation 4 console. That said, of all the models presented by the brands in the Vision Gran Turismo series, this Honda Sport Vision Gran Turismo is the most realistic of all. Who knows, dreaming is free.

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