Amazing Porsche 911 Singer Williams engine with 500 HP

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   November 15, 2017
Porsche 911 Singer Williams engine with 500 HP

Scott Blattner had a Porsche 911 964 of 1990 and wanted to make some improvements, so he knocked on the door of Singer and American specialists have proposed a radical change using the base of his car.

We knew that they had been working on this project for a while, in which the most striking was the four-liter boxer engine capable of developing 500 horsepower, but now they have finally discovered the whole and left us with their mouths open.

Using the base of 964 of 1990, they have managed to create a beast in which Williams Advanced Engineering together with the famous engineer and designer Hans Mezger, have achieved the unthinkable.

This beautiful Porsche 911 mounts a four-liter, atmospheric engine, with four valves per cylinder and 500 horses, which is also air-cooled.

Of the aerodynamics Williams has been commissioned

But the modifications not only reach a mechanical level, since the aerodynamics has also been worked to get the support is what you need without there being large visible changes in the form of ailerons.

Porsche 911 Singer Williams engine with 500 HP

In this sense they have also worked with Williams Advanced Engineering and with the advice of Norbert Singer. In the suspensions has worked to give it a lighter system, but at the same time with new geometries that allow you to take full advantage of a car of this power.

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Finally, much emphasis has been placed on keeping the weight contained, and so much so that they have achieved it. Through the use of materials such as magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber, this marvel manages to declare only 990 kilos in scale. Can you imagine the benefits it will have?

In other components, first level suppliers have been used. BBS Motorsport signs the lightweight magnesium wheels in 18 "monobloc and central monotuerca.

Brembo has developed the braking equipment, with monobloc calipers. Hewland has developed the magnesium six-speed gearbox, and so could continue to review the extensive and large group of people and companies that have given their point of view on the project, which includes the famous British journalist Chris Harris .

75 customers with customized cars Made in UK

This first unit sports the exterior green color Absinthe with interior Blood Orange, but this will be just the showcase, the car that will put long teeth to customers from all over the world who will want an equal 964.

Porsche 911 Singer Williams engine with 500 HP

Therefore, Singer has announced that there will be a production of 75 cars with characteristics similar to this one, always attending to the needs and demands of each client, so that there will be no two Porsche 911 Singer equal.

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All of them will be manufactured in the United Kingdom, in the Singer at Grove, a specially equipped space within the facilities of Williams in Oxfordshire.

Although they have not given details of the prices that each of these machines will have, it is estimated that they will be around one million euros, counting on the basis of a Porsche 964 apart. No doubt these are works of art seasoned with touches of the best engineering, and that has to be paid for.

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