The Tesla Semi laughs at diesel trucks: Up to 800 km of autonomy with 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   November 17, 2017
Tesla Semi diesel truck

This morning has been the day that Tesla has made its biggest offensive in recent months to finally unveil his transport truck. It is the Tesla Semi and is presented as a tractor for medium and long distances with an aerodynamic never before seen in the world of large trucks.

Autonomies of up to 800 km without emitting a single gram of CO₂, a revolutionary passenger compartment and features that make traditional trucks cry are the letters of introduction of the largest Tesla in history, come to write their own pages in the biography of transport .

Tesla Semi, the 100% electric trailer of the future

Its extremely futuristic body is so obsessed with wind efficiency that Tesla announces an aerodynamic coefficient that rivals Bugatti Chiron (0.36 Cx vs. 0.35 for the supercar). The clean and even anodyne lines of your body translate into less energy to beat the advance.

Except for the front wheel arches that extend back there is not much more to tell of a body with hardly any shape, in which the front wheels incorporate aerodynamic hubcaps and the rear are completely hidden under a full fairing. Tesla states that the result is 1.25 kWh of consumption for each kilometer traveled.

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In the interior we find an arrangement that is also unique in the world of tractors, placing the driver in a central position (yes, as in the McLaren F1). The interior seems narrower than usual and technology will be very present in it. To begin with, it lacks traditional mirrors and instead uses 15-inch screens on each side of the steering wheel.

In these screens will also show the information of the trip and the configuration of the electronics, in addition to house brand functionalities such as the Autopilot in heavy truck version with which the Californian firm trusts in making the work of the truck drivers more bearable and In addition, reduce the number of accidents on the road and increase the efficiency of transport.

An electric truck with sports benefits

The most promising of all the Semi is the way in which Tesla wants to compete against other bets of the likes of Nikola One or the Toyota "Project Portal": a 100% electric mechanics that exceeds the expectations that we had initially.

Until now it was speculated on with an autonomy that surrounded the 500 km, but the numbers have been surpassed with clarity. Tesla promises an autonomy of 800 km according to the EPA homologation cycle, with batteries that will withstand a rapid charge of 30 minutes to offer 600 km. There will be another option less capable, with an autonomy cut to 480 km.

This time we are not talking about a Tesla with all-wheel drive, as its four engines this time propel each of the rear wheels, is a 6x4. Thanks to them the tractor without the hooked trailer could reach 100 km / h in about 5 seconds, and employing about 20 to reach the same speed with a load of 36 tons. Its maximum speed is 105 km / h.

Tesla Semi diesel truck

In the case of the Semi have not announced what will be its price. The only thing we do know at the moment is that the brand promises savings in operating costs of up to $ 200,000 in two years of work and that its production will begin in 2019.

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