The Volkswagen Golf VIII is also passed to the mild-hybrid 48V system

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   April 27, 2018
The Volkswagen Golf VIII is also passed to the mild-hybrid 48V system
The Volkswagen Golf VIII is also passed to the mild-hybrid 48V system

The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf will arrive in 2019 and the German brand is already advancing a few strokes of what we can expect from its best seller. Volkswagen now confirms that the Golf VIII will be in charge of launching the new 48V mild-hybrid system that it is currently developing. The new Volkswagen Golf will thus open a new era where traditional VW engines will incorporate this type of electrification.

A completely electric range: that is the objective that Volkswagen has set in its future plans. An ambitious goal that can only be tackled gradually and the first logical step is the incorporation of the new mild-hybrid systems. With the Volkswagen Golf VIII just around the corner, it is not surprising that the brand has decided to release this technology in the new generation of the compact.

This has been confirmed by Volkswagen in a statement, which takes the opportunity to remember that the production of the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf will begin at the end of June, so it is expected to be officially presented months before: it would not be surprising that Geneva 2019 the chosen appointment.

The Golf VIII wants to be a lighter

In the case of the Volkswagen Golf VIII, this mild-hybrid system will combine the combustion engine with a starter generator that is integrated into the distribution. This is powered by a 48v battery, which is recharged thanks to the energy recovery system taking advantage of braking and deceleration. It is a step beyond the 12V system that premiered the Golf 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion, which exempts the combustion engine from powering the car's electrical systems.

The main functions of this "support engine" are, on the one hand, to help the combustion engine at start-up, offering some extra torque in the task and, on the other hand, to replace the main engine, which will shut down completely, when the power demand is not required. In other words, when we raise our foot off the accelerator, although it remains to be seen if it does so in all conditions and not only in descents.

Thanks to this technology of hybridization, the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf will be able to reduce its consumption in up to 0.3 l / 100 km, or at least that is the figure that promises the German manufacturer. Volkswagen ensures that the ignition and ignition of the combustion engine will be barely noticeable to the driver while driving.

All electric

Volkswagen also announces that this hybridization system that will debut in the family of the Volkswagen Golf VIII will be just the beginning. The introduction of these mild-hybrid mechanics in the new generation of the compact will pave the way for the rest of the models, which will gradually incorporate this technology.

The roadmap marked by Volkswagen passes through the electrification of its entire family, although it will diversify the roads between pure electric cars, hybrid systems such as the aforementioned 48v and conventional and plug-in hybrids.

This is highlighted by Frank Welsch, member of the Board of Directors of Volkswagen Cars and responsible for technical development: "For the first time, the brand will simultaneously offer product lines such as the Golf VIII, with conventional electrically-assisted units, as well as product lines such as Volkswagen ID with purely electric mechanics ".

Remember that in 2019 the first production model of the Volkswagen I.D electric family has also been fixed, which will be in fact a compact and whose progress we had with the I.D. Concept It remains to be seen if the range of the Volkswagen Golf VIII is also completed with a hybrid version such as the GTE or electric as the e-Golf

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