Brabham BT62 is a beast only suitable for circuit

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Mei 03, 2018
Brabham BT62 is a beast only suitable for circuit
Brabham BT62 is a beast only suitable for circuit

His name we already knew, as well as many details, but now we can enjoy the whole physiognomy of the Brabham BT62, a beast born for circuits that is the last work of art signed by the new era of Brabham Automotive. A debit featherweight body carbon fiber, accompanied by a 710 hp engine that transmits its full power to the rear wheels promising much, but much fun on the asphalt.

The legacy of Jack Brabham continues to bear fruit and this Brabham BT62 is the latest in an extensive and spectacular series of racing cars. After revealing some of its secrets with the teaser, Brabham Automotive shows us its latest racing beast that is not disappointed and that presents itself as a tough rival for the McLaren Senna GTR.

Born by and for circuits

Brabham BT62

With a body designed in carbon fiber, the Brabham BT62 boasts a sophisticated aerodynamics with elements that help you achieve those 1,200 kilos of announced downforce, as is the case of the generous front lip and diffuser, as well as the rear diffuser and the gigantic spoiler that crowns the rear.

To tie up its full potential in short, Brabham Automotive equips its racing beast with high performance carbon brakes, as well as with Michelin racing tires.

The interior of the Brabham BT62 reminds us that we are looking at a car born for circuits, with minimalism as a priority: in the central tunnel we find a few switches, as well as a digital display, while the driving position is dominated by a competition steering wheel . The carbon fiber seen in the dashboard and several of the interior panels is combined with Alcantara, material that also dresses the two competition baquets. The set is completed with an anti-roll cage.

A weight / power ratio of 1.36 kg / hp

Brabham BT62 is a beast only suitable for circuit

The Brabham BT62 hides an atmospheric V8 heart of 5.4 liters and 700 HP of power, which together with its price pen, 972 kilos empty, offers a weight / power ratio of 1.36 kg / CV. A figure that leaves behind the aforementioned McLaren Senna GTR, which with its 1,198 kilos empty and its 825 hp power, the brand at 1.45 kg / hp.

Brabham Automotive still does not disclose the performance of the Brabham BT62, but with the data we have in hand are expected to be infarct, both in acceleration, and in maximum speed. In addition, its downforce promises a spectacular turnaround. Thinking of who is at your command, has systems such as launch control, which helps the BT62 to come out as an arrow in a straight line.

"Created from a blank sheet of paper, our first car brings Brabham to an exciting new era, while honoring and maintaining the brand's glorious past." The resulting BT62 is a car that demands total commitment and commitment. its driver, providing an immense reward and satisfaction, "says Paul Birch, chief engineer of Brabham Automotive.

Only 70 units of the Brabham BT62 will be delivered to the market at the modest price of 1 million pounds sterling, about 1.15 million euros. In addition, the first 35 units will be more exclusive, as they will wear colors inspired by the tonalities of Brabham Automotive's historic racing models.

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