Volkswagen restored its two-engine Golf GTI that competed in Pikes Peak in 1987

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   Mei 02, 2018
Volkswagen restored its two-engine Golf GTI that competed in Pikes Peak in 1987
Volkswagen restored its two-engine Golf GTI that competed in Pikes Peak in 1987

This year Volkswagen faces again the mythical rise of Pikes Peak, three decades after its last participation, and it does with a completely electric vehicle that we already taught you days ago. On the last occasion that the German manufacturer participated in this famous test was in 1987 and with a very special car. A beast with two engines.

That car that faced the "race to the clouds" in Colorado, United States, was nothing less than a Volkswagen Golf II equipped with two engines, namely two 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbo, with a combined power of 652 hp. And this in a car that barely touched the 1,020 kilograms of weight.

The work of the engineer Kurt Bergmann, this brutal twin-engine Volkswagen Golf was developed in six months with a single purpose, to be victorious in Pikes Peak with the pilot Klaus-Joachim "Jochi" Kleint at the wheel. A mechanical failure prevented it to a few curves of the end, but still the model marked the fourth best time in training ... using only one of its engines!

Now the manufacturer has restored it for its participation in this US test that starts at 2,862 meters and ends at 4,302 meters above sea level, and has shown both Techno Classica Essen and events of the company. In addition, both the pilot (Kleint, 70) and its creator (Bergmann, 89) have joined for the first time in 31 years.

A brutal proposal, although fragile

Each of the 1.8-liter 16-valve engines was equipped with a huge KKK turbocharger capable of blowing at a pressure of 1.6 bar, and both were associated with Hewland racing transmissions. In addition, the model allowed front or total traction configurations.

According to those responsible for the restoration, the Golf engines need to be treated with great delicacy, and have to be adjusted in a synchronized way to work in unison or, on the contrary, the vehicle would be unstable and impossible to control on asphalt.

As fast as they want this historic Golf to be reliable and durable, the power of each block will be limited to between 240 and 260 HP, to hail a combined total power of about 500 HP. It should be noted that this Golf was not Bergmann's first twin-engine creation, since in 1981 it already manufactured a first test car with two engines, based on a Jetta I and called Twin Jet.

Still, inventions of the time are maintained as a system of sprinklers that spray water on the radiators when the temperature is high or two small fans in the rear of the vehicle in charge of extracting hot air.

The next June 24 will be the pilot Romain Dumas the one that faced Pikes Peak raised in a Volkswagen, but in this electrical case, the I.D. R Pikes Peak.

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